Registration Open: Sexuality Awareness Program Professional Development

Sexuality Awareness Program

Professional development for the health and social service fields.

Get up-to-date info on sexual and reproductive health topics.
Connect with local agencies. Build your communication skills.

From contraception to coming out, from sexuality transmitted infections to sex-positivity, SAP gives you the tools and the information to assist your diverse clients on sexual and reproductive health topics.

Through guest speakers, interactive group exercises and on-site visits, SAP helps professionals get up-to-date and relevant information, while building communication skills around these sensitive topics.

SAP is a structured group experience promoting each participant’s awareness of their knowledge, attitudes and values on each subject related to sexuality, and to support them in a greater understanding of how these affect them both personally and professionally.

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Wednesday Evenings           May 9-June 27, 2012                  6pm to 9pm

Deadline to Enroll: May 1, 2012
Cost for Professionals: $350  (sliding scale available)

Cost for Students: $150

Location: 2197 Riverside Dr, Suite 403

Contact: Brianna Clancy