No More Apologies, Ottawa!

On Saturday, April 14th, dozens of queer trans and cis women gathered together at Jack Purcell Community Centre to discuss and delve a little deeper into issues around romance, sexual health and social exclusion in queer women’s communities.

Inspired by the original No More Apologies conference, held in Toronto in late January, this free conference, organized by PTS, Planned Parenthood Ottawa, Rainbow Health Ontario, and a group of dedicated queer women’s activists, was a humble success! Although the turnout was lower than what we had hoped for, the conversations were thoughtful, meaningful, and moving.

We’d like to thank PTS and their wonderful staff for their terrific idea for the conference, Allison, Wendy and Catherine for their hard work, motivation and dedication, Morgan M Page for the rousing keynote address (plus glitter and dance moves!), Ariel Troster, Diane Ferrier, UofO Pride Centre, Jack Purcell Community Centre, Bridgehead, and all of our volunteers for providing set-up, take-down and refreshments!