Our trip to Maniwaki

On March 6th, Brianna Clancy (our Volunteer and Client Support Coordinator) and two of our volunteers Alex Sevigny and Robert Blanchard were invited to work a kiosk at the Maniwaki Health Fair.  We were joined by several other organizations that presented information on topics such as hygiene, proper baby care, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Community members also had a chance to interact with elders and spend time learning about and practicing their skills in sewing, outdoor activities and use of birch bark for crafts.

During the fair parents, adults, youth (13-19yrs) and children (6-12yrs) were expected to engage with each kiosk for roughly twenty minutes, after which they would gain a stamp for their ‘passport.’  If they earned a stamp from each table, they could enter their passport into a draw to win a prize! 

PPO presented information primarily on relationships, contraception and STIs, though options and anatomy were also discussed.  We were happy to see parents and grandparents collecting information, booklets, and pamphlets for their children and grandchildren who were not in attendance. Some of the youth even remembered the information on contraception and STIs that PPO volunteers presented last year at their high school!

We had a great time, and hope that we are able to participate again in the future!  PPO wants to send out their thanks to Debbie and Sheila Whiteduck for inviting us to the Maniwaki community center and for hosting the event!