No More Apologies Ottawa!

Calling all Queer Women in Ottawa and Gatineau! On April 14th we will be hosting No More Apologies Ottawa!

No More Apologies Ottawa is a FREE conference to discuss romance, sexual health and social exclusion in Queer Women’s Communities.

The Conference has been inspired by the “No More Apologies: Queer Trans and Cis Women Coming/Cumming Together!” conference, first organized in Toronto, Ontario by a dedicated group of activists. This movement has been taken up in Ottawa by PTS, Planned Parenthood Ottawa and a group of dedicated queer women’s activists.

From the original event:
“Social exclusion negatively impacts trans queer women’s sexual, emotional, and psychological health; meanwhile by excluding trans women from our communities, cis queer women are missing out on a multitude of sexy, wonderful women to love, fuck, and connect with.

Join us for this long overdue conversation and call-to-action about how to transform our talk about trans inclusion into practice.”


To Contact the committee, email Jade at or phone 613-563-4818. Follow PTS and PPO on twitter and facebook for updates!
@PTSOttawa (twitter) 
@KnowPPO (twitter)


OTHER Important information:

-This is a queer women’s event. Out of respect for the attendees, we ask that folks who do not identify as women do not attend the daytime conference sessions; but EVERYONE is welcome at the after party.
Day-time event info: here
After-party event info:here

-Non-binary folks if they feel that they fit within the definition of queer woman may come, as we recognize the drawbacks of having a trans/cis binary.

-We are attempting to make the event as accessible as possible. We will give further accessibility details as they develop. If you have any concerns please let us know.

- We are looking for volunteers for translation (French & ASL - American Sign Language), facilitation and the party.