"I Am a Feminist, But..." International Women’s Day Celebration 2012

The fourth International Women’s Day celebration here in Ottawa took place on March 8th at the National Archives.

PPO joined other local, national, and international organizations focused on women’s issues for an evening of recognition with the Femmy Awards, a funny video entitled “ Sh*t people say to Feminists & Sh*t feminists say,” a panel event, and a great party to celebrate!  

What the F!: The feminist year in review 
A panel of guests from local, national and international points of view discussed the feminist year in review with humour and wit! 

The panel was comprised of: 
Julie Lalonde: Host
Fred Chabot: board member of POWER and the Women's Community Developer at the AIDS Committee of Ottawa.
Robert Fox: the Executive Director of Oxfam Canada
Kristen Gilchrist: a Phd student and activist living in Ottawa, from Families of Sisters in Spirit
Nadine Thornhill: Our very own coordinator of Planned Parenthood Ottawa's Insight Theatre

The Femmy Awards
The 4th annual Femmy Awards are to honour women located in the National Capital Region who have made outstanding contributions to the struggle for women’s equality.

This year’s winners are : 
Shelley Evelyn - the Peer Support Coordinator in the Violence Against Women Program at the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre.  

Lynn Bue - the former First and Second National Vice-President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.   

Sari Tudiver - a cultural anthropologist and feminist with a longstanding interest in and passion for women’s health and the dynamics of gender relations.  

Bridget Tolley - an Indigenous feminist, committed volunteer and co-founded Families of Sisters in Spirit in Ottawa. 

Chris Bruckert - the co-founder of Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate, and Resist (POWER).

International Women's Day art contest
 The contestants were asked to submit artwork along the lines of three statements:"I'm still not a feminist, but...","I am a feminist, but...","I am a feminist, and...". 

The winners are: Chelsea Timpson and Jessica Weatherhead
Many thanks to our PPO volunteers (Courtney D, Anne H, Èva M, Lindsay P, Sarah P, Leanne P, Alex S and Makeda Z.) and members who supported the event through their donations, time, and energy. Mark your calendars for next year, but celebrate the women in your lives every day!