THE BIG 3-0!

Fate is definitely smiling on PPO's Insight Theatre program this year. Somehow we have managed not only to find an exceptional new drama coach, but nine amazing youth who are sure to make 2011-2012 a season to remember. 

Our drama coach, Chris Bedford comes to PPO with experience as the Artistic Director and co-founder of Evolution Theatre, one of Ottawa’s most critically acclaimed professional theatre companies. Last month, Chris and I had the privilege of working with Amy, The Captain, Christian, Danica, Faith, Heather, Justin, Leah and Merissa—the stars of this year’s Insight Troupe. And stars they are! In two short weeks they attended over a dozen sexual health presentations and created as many scenes. Now that September is here, Chris and the troupe are working just as hard in fall rehearsals, fine tuning our work from the summer. I won’t give away too much now, but suffice it to say we’ve got a great show on our hands!

And we’re taking the show on the road! Next month, Insight will present free previews at select locations around the city for teachers and community organizers. This is a great chance for all you educators to sneak a peek before the regular season begins! Meanwhile, we’re already getting requests for bookings, so reserve your date early!

Finally, for the Insight alumnae out there—we want you back! Not only will we be having our traditional end of season show this spring, we’re also having one major 30th anniversary event, complete with an Insight Theatre reunion. You all played a part in making Insight a PPO success for 30 years. So come back, share your memories and maybe even a scene or two from your days on the troupe! Stay tuned for details.

Get ready, everyone. This season is going to be one fun ride!

Contact Nadine, PPO’s Insight Theatre Coordinator, to book a performance by calling 613-226-3234 ext. 401 or by emailing!